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BigCommerce Shipping Methods

StarShip retrieves a list of possible values for certain BigCommerce Order fields. These fields can be mapped to a StarShip shipment field that also requires a set of allowed values, and then you can customize the translation between these sets of values to suit your shop’s needs.

An example of a BigCommerce Order field that is already mapped by default is the Shipping Method field. StarShip automatically retrieves the Shipping Methods you set up in BigCommerce, which you can then set up to translate to values for the Carrier-Service field in StarShip. This allows your Shipping Method to be imported with the Order. You can also set up values for the International Carrier-Service field.


If you don’t set up Value Translations for your Shipping Methods, StarShip will attempt to use default keywords to translate the imported Shipping Methods.

BigCommerce Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods are set up from the Big Commerce store Dashboard, in the Shipping Manager. For more information about setting up Shipping Methods, see Adding a Shipping Method in the BigCommerce Help.

StarShip Carrier-Service Setup

  1. In StarShip, select Setup > Source Interfaces > eCommerce and click the Interfaces heading.
  2. Click the Customize Interface button for the BigCommerce Order interface.
  3. Under Select Mappings, navigate to Shipment > Carrier Information and expand the Carrier-Service field.
  4. You’ll see the mapping for Carrier-Service is set to the eCommerce field “Shipping Method”. In Value Translations, select the corresponding Carrier-Service for each BigCommerce Shipping Method.
  5. When you have translated all the Shipping Methods, click the Save All Maps button.