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Batch Write-Back for Shipments with Failed Write-Back

This StarShip feature allows you to select multiple shipments that have failed to write back to the source interface and attempt to write them back in a batch method. This prevents you from having to open each shipment individually and click the Write-back button. This reattempt at write-back will only work if the issue or issues that caused the write-back failure(s) have been corrected.

  1. In Rate/Ship, click Shipments on the left menu.
  2. Click the Add Filter button and select the Shipments Source Write-Back Status filter.
    Add the Shipment Source Write-Back Status filter
  3. Check the Not Done option.
    Select Not Done
  4. Use the Select All check box at the top of the first column, or select individual shipments.
    Select the shipments to reattempt write-back
  5. Click the Write Back Selected Shipments button.
    Select Writeback Selected Shipments

Once the process is complete, a message window will appear with a shipment count of the shipments that wrote back successfully. If there was an issue, a log will open to allow you to view related information.