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Auto-Print Labels and Documents

You can configure StarShip to print shipping labels and documents automatically when you process a shipment or perform End of Day. You just need to enable the Auto-Print setting for the label or document in Printing Profiles. You can also set up a Print Preview for some documents.

Document Settings

Auto-Print is configured in Document Settings. In Setup > Printing & Scale, select Printing Profiles and then edit the Profile you use to ship.

Make sure the document is enabled and then expand the label or document to edit its settings.

On Ship

In the Auto-Print field, select “Auto-Print On Ship” if you want StarShip to print the label/document when you Ship/Process a shipment.

Auto-Print On Ship

On End of Day

For some documents, you can select “Auto-Print On End of Day” to print the document when you run End of Day Close to post and close out shipments.

Note: If neither of these options are checked, generated documents are available for printing later from Shipment History (Shipment > Open).

Auto-Print on End of Day

With some documents, you have the additional option of previewing the document before it prints. From the Preview dialog, you would then click the Print button to print the document.

Print Preview