Assigning Hazardous Materials Profiles

You can apply the Hazardous Materials Profiles you create in a number of different ways.

Inventory Item

Hazardous Materials details can be defined for inventory items in Maintain Inventory Items. This is where you can assign Hazardous Materials Profiles to items or create custom profiles for inventory items. When you assign a Profile to an inventory item, StarShip will set the Hazardous flag and populate the HazMat Profile field when you ship the item.

First, add or edit an inventory item. On the Main page settings, check the Hazardous checkbox.

Hazardous checkbox

This will enable a Hazardous Details heading.

On the Hazardous Details page, you can select one of the existing Hazardous Materials Profiles from the Profile field.

Select a Hazardous Materials Profile.

Or you can create a new profile by selecting Custom.


Line item


When processing a shipment in the Shipment Editor, go to the Line Items section and expand the line item. In Item Details, check the Hazardous check box and select a HazMat Profile. To edit or view the profile, click on the pencil icon.

In Item Details, check the Hazardous option and select a Haz Mat Profile


You can use line items to automatically drive Hazardous Materials Profiles. When the Preferences setting, “StarShip will control the Hazardous Materials option and profile for package based on line items,” is set to “Always” or “For packages with line items only,” StarShip will check the Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods option and assign the HazMat Profile. It is located in Setup > Preferences > Preferences > Hazardous Materials.


When processing a shipment in the Shipment Editor, go to the Packaging section and expand the package. In Package Details, check the Hazardous check box. Check the Hazardous Materials check box under Shipment Details. Hazardous Materials Profiles can be applied at the package level, as well.

Set the Hazardous option under Package Details

If you set the StarShip Preferences Setting that gives StarShip control over how Hazardous Materials options/profiles are set based on line items, the Package Detail option may be automatically checked for you and greyed out.