ASN Number

ASNs (Advanced Shipment Notices) are documents that contain data about pending goods delivery, and usually include information like the delivery date/time, packaging, carrier information, order info, etc.
StarShip can automatically generate the ASN Number for you; alternately it can be typed in manually or loaded from an ERP or other source interface.
Generate ASN Number
The option to have StarShip automatically generate the ASN Number is available in Setup > Preferences > EDI for TrueCommerce and Custom EDI.
Reference Fields
The ASN Number field can be assigned as an additional reference field for carrier interfaces. Reference fields are set up for each carrier in Setup > Carrier Interfaces > “carrier” > Settings > Reference Fields.
  1. Select the Reference Number Type Identifier to assign to the ASN Number.
  2. Select ASN Number as the Shipment field. You can type “ASN” into the search field to locate it quickly.
Import the ASN Number from a Source

If you do not check “Generate ASN Number in StarShip” in the EDI Preferences options, the ASN Number can be imported from your ERP or other source interface. In this case, you would map the ASN Number shipment field to a source interface field so that when you ship against an order, invoice, etc., the value is automatically populated. Field mapping is performed in Setup > Source Interfaces > “your interface” > Interfaces.

  1. In Select Fields, type “ASN” into the Filter field and then click the ASN field.
  2. Set the “Maps to” field to the “source interface” field.
  3. Select the source field from which to import the ASN number.


ASN Number Shipment Field

The ASN Number field can be found in the Shipment Editor in the Recipient > EDI Integration section.