Amazon SP Setup

StarShip allows you to connect to your Selling Partner account to ship Amazon Marketplace orders, and writes shipment and/or tracking information back to Amazon.

Follow this procedure to integrate StarShip with your Selling Partner account:

  1. In StarShip, go to Setup > Source Interface > eCommerce.
  2. Click the New Company button.
  3. Enter the Company Name and click the Add Account button.
    Click Add Account
  4. Select Amazon SP from the eCommerce Name drop-down field.
    Select Amazon SP
  5. Next, authorize StarShip to access your Amazon Selling Partner data by clicking the Authorize button.
    Click Authorize
  6. On the Amazon Seller Central login page, enter your email address or phone number and password.
    Log in to Amazon Seller Central
  7. Complete the Two-Step Verification process by entering the OTP (if required).
    Enter the OTP
  8. If prompted, select the Merchant Account and Marketplace location.
    Select the Merchant account and location
  9. Check the “I direct Amazon to provide StarShip SP access to my Selling Partner account and related data. I am responsible for any actions taken by the application.” check box and click Confirm.
    Confirm that StarShip SP can access your Selling Partner account
  10. Once confirmed, the access token is retrieved and populated in StarShip. You are returned to the setup dialog. Check the “I want to use Amazon Shipping
    with this Seller ID” check box if you want to enable Amazon Shipping for this company. Then, check the Enabled check box to make this an active account and click Submit.
    Enable the account and click Submit