Amazon Direct Fulfillment

Amazon Direct Fulfillment and Amazon Transportation

This integration enables Amazon Transportation (AT) ship methods in addition to the carriers that are already assigned to a Direct Fulfillment (DF) vendor.  The AT shipping label will be printed as a result.  Note: the current integration supports 1 label per order.


  • Amazon SP module
  • Amazon DF module

Follow the steps below to configure Amazon DF and AT.

Handshake with Amazon

  1. In StarShip, navigate to Setup > Carrier > Amazon Direct Fulfillment and add an account. Enter account information and click the AUTHORIZE button.
    • Account Name is an internal reference – use anything familiar to you
    • Account Number: Amazon VC account code
  2. Upon clicking, you will be directed to the Amazon Vendor Central login page. Enter your email address or phone number, along with your password.
  3. This will take you to the Authorize StarShip dialog box, where you will need to click Confirm to allow StarShip access to your Amazon data.
  4. StarShip will retrieve the access token.
  5. The final step  involves providing the Vendor Account Code and its associated WH Code.
    • You can obtain your WH code from the VC portal.
    • The portal will contain all DF warehouses associated with your account. Enter the Warehouse Code into StarShip. 

      You should also set your label format to ZPL in this area.

You can also define reference codes to print on labels.

Set Up Ship Via Map

It is recommended that you configure your Ship Via maps to align with Amazon Transportation. The following values are likely to come from Amazon, and they should be linked to one or more ship vias in the ERP. Each of the corresponding ERP ship via codes should be associated with the AT carrier in StarShip.


Printer Setup

To ensure proper labeling, enable the Amazon label within your Printing Profile(s).
See Printer Profile Help


It is possible that you may receive some orders with the ATS method, but when you request a label from Amazon, you may receive a UPS label instead. This situation is common and is expected to occur in less than 5% of your daily shipments. If you receive a UPS label, please hand over those packages to your regular UPS driver.


What is Amazon Transportation?
AT is a shipping service provided by Amazon.

Will this replace shipping volume from other shipping providers?
No, AT may pick-up volume previously picked up by another provider but Amazon is not eliminating pick-up options.