Acumatica Setup

StarShip Rate Quote allows you to rate Sales Orders within the Acumatica interface.

  • One of the V-TECH Endpoints files from the table below
  • Acumatica 2019 R1 or higher
Supported Versions

StarShip Rate Quote works with the following versions of the V-TECH Endpoints.

Rate Quote VersionV-TECH Endpoint Version;
(SOAP Integration);;;;;;;;
(REST Integration);;;

Access the Rate Quote file

The StarShip Rate Quote V1 customization file is available in C:\Program Files (x86)\V-Technologies\StarShip\Client\Acumatica.

Unpublish Customizations

If you currently use any customization projects, you must unpublish them with the V-TECH Endpoints. All the customizations will then be republished along with the Rate Quote customization, at the same time, in the next step.

More Information

See Unpublish the V-TECH Endpoints for instructions.

Publish Customizations

Follow the Upload and Publish the Endpoints procedure to publish the Endpoints, Rate Quote, and other customizations.

Acumatica Configuration

After publishing the customizations, navigate to Distribution > Sales Orders > Configuration > Sales Orders Preferences.

Under the Shipment Settings section, perform the following activities:

  • In the StarShip Base URL field, enter the location (Address or Machine Name and Port) of the machine running StarShip using the following formula: http://address or machine name:port
  • In the StarShip Company Name field, enter the company name that should match the Company Name field on the Acumatica Setup page of the StarShip environment. To view the StarShip Company Name field on your system, it is mandatory to install the package.

In case the StarShip Company Name does not match the Acumatica Company Name, you must specify the proper StarShip company name in the Acumatica setup on the Sales Orders Preferences screen.

Next Steps

After completing this process, set up write-back in StarShip.