Acumatica Custom Write-Back

StarShip supports custom write-back to fields in Acumatica. Some of these fields are mapped by default so that the shipment value writes back to Acumatica. Other fields can be mapped to write back to Acumatica as desired.

In order to successfully write back, values should be added for the Ship Via, Box ID, and UOM fields as described in the sections below.

To access Custom Write-Back Setup, select Setup > Source Interfaces > Acumatica (version), and under Interfaces, select the Customize Interface button for Sales Orders or Shipments.

Looking for Custom (User-Defined) Fields Write-Back?

If you are looking for more information about writing back to custom (user-defined) fields that you’ve added in Acumatica, jump to the Custom (User-Defined) Fields Write-Back section below.

Shipments/Sales Orders Header Fields

Ship To Fields

These fields include Ship To Address Line 1 and 2, City, Country, State, and Postal Code and can be mapped to the corresponding StarShip Recipient fields. If you have the “Override Address” option checked and you modify the address on the StarShip Ship screen, StarShip will write back the modified address if these fields are mapped. Note: Ship-To will only be written back if the Country and State are a valid pair in Configuration > Countries/States (in Acumatica).

Ship Via

StarShip will automatically update the “Ship Via” on the Sales Order or Shipment in Acumatica when you process a shipment. You can provide Ship Via values from Acumatica and define how they should be translated into the Carrier/Service values in StarShip by mapping the field and providing Value Translations.


Confirm Shipment

StarShip can mark a successfully processed shipment as “Confirmed” in Acumatica using custom field write-back. If you batch invoice shipments, for example, shipments must be Confirmed or they will not appear in your batches.

Set this field to a Fixed Value of “True” to set a shipment’s status to Confirmed after being processed in StarShip. Once a shipment is marked as Confirmed in Acumatica, it will no longer be available for importing into StarShip. The Confirm Shipment feature works if you have Carrier Integration set up in Acumatica, but see the notes below for a known issue.

The Confirm Shipment value must be set for the Shipment under Shipments Header.

Click to see where the Confirmed Status writes back to in Acumatica.



  • If the Shipment Confirmation process fails, StarShip will continue with other write-back but the shipment status will remain as “Open” in Acumatica. ¬†StarShip will also display an error message to let you know that the Shipment Confirmation failed.
  • If you are using Carrier Integration in Acumatica: When voiding Sales Orders/ Shipments that were marked as Confirmed using this custom field write-back setting, StarShip cannot “unconfirm” these source documents if the associated Ship Via has the “External Plug-in” enabled.

Set the Confirm Shipment flag for the Shipment:

Freight Cost

StarShip can write the shipping total to the Freight Cost field on the Shipping Settings tab of the shipment in Acumatica. You can map this field to one of the StarShip charges fields.

Note: In order to update the Freight Cost field, the Ship Via Calculation Method in Acumatica must be set to “Manual”.

Click to see the location of the Ship Via Code settings in Acumatica.

Shipment Date

When the Shipment Date field is mapped to StarShip (for example, to the Ready Date field), StarShip will update the Shipment Date field in Acumatica.


Shipments/Sales Orders Package Fields

All of these fields write back to the Packages tab of the shipment.

Box ID

The Box ID is mapped by default. You cannot change the StarShip field that it’s mapped to, but you can configure how the StarShip values are translated into Acumatica values on write-back. The Box ID will write back to the Box ID field on the Packaging tab of the shipment.

In order to ensure proper write-back, we recommend providing these value translations. Under Value Translations, use the drop-down fields to select the values.


UOM (Unit of Measure)

The UOM, like the Box ID, is mapped by default to a fixed StarShip field and allows you to translate values in the same way. Under Value Translations, use the drop-down fields to set the values.

Other fields

These fields can also be mapped for custom write-back to Acumatica:

For Sales Orders: Description, Custom Ref Nbr. 1, Custom Ref Nbr. 2, Confirmed.

For Shipments : [Package] Description, [Package] Custom Ref Nbr. 1, [Package] Custom Ref Nbr. 2.

Acumatica Custom (User-Defined) Fields Write-Back

StarShip allows you to write shipment information back to custom (user-defined) fields in Acumatica for the Shipments document.This requires you to map your user-defined fields to the V-TECH Endpoint in Acumatica, and then map those fields to shipment fields in StarShip. See Custom Fields Write-Back in the Customizations section for more information on setup and configuration.

Write-Back Results

See Write-Back Example for Sales Orders/Shipments Package fields.


Package Error on Write-Back

Allow the Package Type for the Ship Via Code

In order to properly write back package information to Acumatica, you have to allow the Package Type for the Ship Via Code. To do this, go to Distribution > Sales Orders > Settings > Ship Via Codes and load the Ship Via Code. Click on the Packages tab and add the Package Type.