Map Custom Fields in the Acumatica Web Services Endpoint

After you have completed setting up your custom fields in Acumatica, you’ll need to map them in the Acumatica Web Services Endpoint.


These are the fields we provide for mapping in the Endpoint.

[Writeback] Custom String Field 1
[Writeback] Custom String Field 2
[Writeback] Custom String Field 3
[Writeback] Custom Integer Field 1
[Writeback] Custom Integer Field 2
[Writeback] Custom Integer Field 3
[Writeback] Custom Boolean Field 1
[Writeback] Custom Boolean Field 2
[Writeback] Custom Boolean Field 3
[Writeback] Custom Date Field 1
[Writeback] Custom Date Field 2
[Writeback] Custom Date Field 3

Steps in Acumatica

  1. Type Web Services Endpoints in the Search field.
  2. Click the VTECHAPI hyperlink.Web Services Endpoints
  3. In the VTECHAPI page, select Shipment.
    Click Shipment
  4. Select the Fields heading.
    Select Fields
  5. Scroll down to locate the fields we provided (as listed above) and map them to your custom fields as desired. This image shows you some examples:
    Map the custom fields

The next step is to set up these custom fields in StarShip.