Unpublish the V-TECH Endpoints

This procedure shows you how to unpublish the V-TECH Endpoints. You can unpublish the V-TECH Endpoints if you:

  • want to remove StarShip’s connection to your Acumatica company. (We recommend that you check with your Acumatica Administrator before starting this process.)
  • or, if you want to republish the Endpoints and other customization projects together. Before you can add other customization projects, such as StarShip Rate Quote, you’ll need to unpublish the V-TECH Endpoints and republish them along with the new customization projects.

Follow these steps to unpublish the V-TECH Endpoints (or any other customizations):

  1. Log in to Acumatica.
  2. In the classic view, select System > Manage > Customization Projects to open the Customization Projects screen.
    In the new view you can also start typing the word 'customization' in the Search field for a link to the Customization Projects screen. Expand for an example...

  3. Click Unpublish All. This will unpublish any other customizations you have as well. They will all need to be republished afterwards in order for the customizations to work correctly.
  4. Highlight the V-TECH Endpoints row and click the Delete Row button.
  5. You have successfully uninstalled the V-TECH Endpoints. Now, you should go back and republish any other customizations.