These settings apply to all ABF Freight accounts and can be accessed from Setup > Carrier Interfaces > ABF Freight > Settings.

Reference Fields

Reference fields allow you to define additional information for the shipment; for example, you can define a field that you want to print on the ABF BOL. StarShip supports up to 4 different reference fields at the shipment level.

Specify the shipment fields to include as reference fields by selecting them from the drop-down lists. You can type into the magnifying glass field to search for and select another shipment field.

More Information

For more information, see Reference Fields.


Address 2&3 Fields

The ABF Freight API supports one address line. In cases where Address 2 and Address 3 field data is present, select how StarShip should handle it.

  • Ignore: Address 2 and Address 3 field data is discarded.
  • Warn: StarShip prompts the user with the option to stop processing the shipment and change the recipient address, or continue processing the shipment with the address as-is.
  • Combine: Address 2 and Address 3 field data is appended to the Address 1 field. The text will end when the maximum character limit is reached.